Websites for arts & crafts business owners.

Starting a business in the arts & crafts sector is a great way of turning a hobby into an income. Relying on social media, or selling platforms, without a central website can be risky. Having your own website is vital for controlling and safeguarding your online presence.


Belinda is the owner and founder of Asmani Beads in Cornwall. Belinda creates fantastic glass jewellery, using either sea glass that she collects, or italian glass rods that she melts. Belinda directs potential clients to her website, from there they can browse and purchase from other social media and selling platforms of her choosing. Should Belinda decide to change a poor performing selling platform to a new one, all her customers still go to her website, if she did not have a website, she is stuck with a selling platform that may have lost its way.

Click the pic to see how it works:

If you think this is a sensible way to control your online presence, and would like a simple cost effective website for your business, I would love to help. Send me a message to find out more