Our pricing is simple, transparent, and fair:
  • Mentoring.
  • Marketing.
  • Websites.

Mentoring: Business Mentor Services

  • Initial telephone/videocall discussion F.O.C (free of charge)
  • Further mentoring priced at £15 per 15 minute slots.
  • Longer term onsite mentoring to be agreed on an individual basis as it needs to be cost effective for both parties.

Marketing: Marketing Strategy Services

  • Initial Marketing Strategy telephone discussion F.O.C.
  • Marketing campaigns etc priced and agreed on an individual basis.

Website Pricing:

Website design & construction individually priced per website. (**approx £120 per page **)

Website hosting packages include the following:

  • Standard HTTP hosting (HTTPS available at extra annual charge)
  • Standard WordPress theme.
  • Standard Website Security.
  • Standard SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Regular backups.
  • Monthly systems updates.
  • Domain renewal reminder.
  • Annual website content review and basic content changes.

All the above is priced at £65.00 per page per annum up to 10 pages, 50% discount for all extra pages over the first 10.

** Construction price depending on content and images**

Example: A Hosting package to include all the above for a 5 page website would be £325.00 per annum, £65.00 per page per annum x 5 pages. Beware as many competitors advertise low hosting prices, but their costs rise dramatically if all the above is included. Our prices are simple, transparent, and fair.

  • Website extras priced individually and available such as:
  • HTTPS secure certification.
  • Upgrade SEO.
  • Upgrade WordPress theme.
  • Upgrade security.
  • These are listed as extras as they are rarely required.

Westcountry Websystems, weaving a web of support for your business.

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